Oral cavity

What is a healthy and beautiful smile? This is, first of all, the attitude of the person to his health! ✅

?️ Brush your teeth correctly. You need to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, morning and evening before bedtime (after eating). The average brushing time is 2-3 minutes. To clean the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth should be from the gums to the upper part of the tooth with sweeping movements. If you brush your teeth before breakfast, then do it 15 minutes before eating so as not to spoil the taste with toothpaste, and after breakfast rinse your mouth with oral rinse.

?️ Use dental floss. Need to floss once a day before bedtime, combining with subsequent brushing. The movement of the thread is done only along the axis of the tooth.

?️ The right toothbrush. The best option is medium hard brushes or soft brushes with a large number of bristles (over 5000). They clean the surface of teeth and gums from food debris without injuries. The head of the toothbrush should be about 2-2.5 tooth long in size. The stiffness of the bristles is chosen by the dentist. Follow his recommendations. You can also consider electric brushes.

?️ The right toothpaste. There are a large number of toothpastes: prophylactic, therapeutic, whitening (they can not be used for a long time!), etc. Only a dentist can tell which one you personally need.

?️ Cleaning the soft tissues of the oral cavity. Cleaning the inner surface of the cheeks and tongue is an important factor that eliminates microorganisms and bad breath (if the problem is not deeper). This can be done with an ordinary clean brush or a special tongue scraper.

?️ The use of oral rinse. We have a huge selection of oral rinse on the market, and the dentist will tell you which one you need. But if there is no way to find out from the dentist, choose a preventive rinse. It can be used before cleaning the oral cavity and after. The oral rinse used before cleaning helps to soften the plaque on the teeth, after cleaning it helps to fix the result and freshen the breath.

?️ Follow the rules of dental care, but do not forget to visit the dentist and do occupational health once every six months.

Take care of yourself and smile more often! ??

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