The problem of lack of teeth. ?

? The problem of lack of teeth. Complete absence of teeth (complete adentia) is the loss of all teeth on one or both jaws.

? Lack of teeth is not only a psychological discomfort from the impossibility of full communication, but also a nutritional disorder, a change in the shape of the face, headaches, and stomach problems. Traditionally, the problem of the lack of a large number of teeth is solved by the method of removable prosthetics. However, this technology brings many inconveniences, for example, bedsores from chewing food. A removable prosthesis, especially on the lower jaw, is very difficult to fix securely.

A real breakthrough (if not to say – a miracle!) against this background is the new All-On-Four (All-on-4) technique. You can sign up for a FREE consultation with our head physician @dr_temkin in any convenient way below.

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